BORA BORA BLUE TOUR declines all responsibility for the consequences due to non-compliance with the general conditions of sale; without any reduction in the damages which could arise due to the harm suffered as a result of this non-compliance. In the event of a dispute or dispute, the Polynesian courts will have sole jurisdiction.

Reservation conditions

Reservations are confirmed only after checking availability at points of sale as well as payment of the ticket or payment of 30% of the total price of the service.

Seats are not numbered or assigned.

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR accepts cash and bank transfer payments.

We ask pregnant women and those with any physical conditions to identify themselves at the time of booking.

Any reservation entails for the customer the commitment to respect these general conditions of sale.

Cancellation conditions

Due to our customer base:

If cancellation of reservation notified at least 72 hours before the date of reservation, the deposit (or total payment) will be returned in full (no fees retained). Any cancellation notified within 72 hours before the date of the excursion will result in a withholding of 30% of the total amount of the excursion.

Changes are free up to 24 hours before departure, postponements are subject to remaining availability. Any modification notified within 24 hours before departure results in a withholding of 30% of the total amount of the excursion.

In the event of a reduction in the number of passengers, this may result in a reconsideration of the pricing conditions agreed to as part of the initial reservation.

In the event of a change in the planned number of passengers, the absence of one or more people or the failure to accommodate additional passengers does not constitute grounds for cancellation of the reservation planned.

Passengers must present themselves for boarding 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, no refund will be required in the event of a passenger delay.


If cancellation due to weather, technical or nautical conditions, passengers can be refunded in full with no fees retained, excluding any damages. The customer can otherwise postpone their excursion to another date subject to availability.

Timetables and routes

Times are defined on the website.

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR reserves the right to modify circuits, activities and schedules or to cancel services if departure is hampered by an exceptional event, cause of force majeure, fortuitous or other (e.g. weather, damage).

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR will do its best to notify passengers of any changes as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Only the Captain is authorized to judge the navigation conditions and is likely to cancel a maritime service.


Passengers must present themselves for boarding 15 minutes before departure time.

Any passenger arriving outside this deadline will have no recourse against the company if they cannot board.

To board, all passengers must have proof of their reservation (e-mail). This proof must be kept in good condition by the passenger throughout the duration of the trip.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents.

The Captain has the right to refuse access on board to any person whose behavior could endanger the safety of passengers or disrupt the smooth running of the tour (state of drunkenness, agitated behavior…)

Pets are not accepted.

When boarding and disembarking, each passenger must comply with the crew’s instructions and respect safety instructions.


Passengers undertake in all cases to comply with the on-board regulations, as well as to comply with the instructions of the crew.

Swimming authorized during stopovers is your responsibility.

During navigation, it is desired and advisable to remain seated; If, however, you decide to travel, this will be done under your entire responsibility.

The vessel has a navigation license, renewed after annual inspection, attesting to the vessel’s compliance with technical standards relating to the safety of passenger ships (stability, buoyancy, solidity, fire prevention and extinction, rescue equipment, etc.)

The crew has professional certificates such as a Command Certificate, Chief Engineer or Seamanship Certificate (Nautical Initiation Certificate). These certificates also imply possession of: a first aid training certificate, a swimming certificate and possession of a CRO certificate (Radio Operator Certificate). Furthermore, each seafarer is required to undergo an annual physical fitness medical examination by a seafarer’s doctor.

Financial conditions

The descriptions of the services presented on the site specify, for each service, the services included in the price. The prices of the services are inclusive of all taxes (TTC). The website and any other distribution medium do not constitute a contractual document. The information is given for information purposes only. Programs and prices may be subject to change.

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR reserves the right to modify its prices at any time depending on the economic situation (fuel) or the modification of taxes (VAT, port taxes and usage, Eco-taxes in favor of protected natural sites).

Liability and guarantee

On transport linked to excursions: It is governed by the laws of June 18, 1966, January 3, 1967 and December 23, 1986 as well as the related decrees.

The carrier cannot be held liable in the event of a change in route, schedule or cancellation of departures due to force majeure, fortuitous or otherwise.

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR is not responsible for objects on board, damage to property and personal effects (jewelry, precious metals, personal papers and documents, sound reproduction devices or image, mobile phones, glasses, clothing, hand luggage, etc.)

In the event of theft, loss or damage thereof, no compensation, reimbursement or compensation will be made.

Intellectual property

Any graphic or textual element presented on the site remains the intellectual property of BORA BORA BLUE TOUR.

Once the tour has started, no complaints will be accepted, either regarding the applicable rate or the route taken.

Photos and illustrations

BORA BORA BLUE TOUR makes its best efforts to provide photos and illustrations giving you an overview of the selected services.

Applicable law

The general conditions, and more generally the contract that you conclude with BORA BORA BLUE TOUR are subject to the law of French Polynesia..

Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or execution falls to the Polynesian courts.